Change Log

In the spirit of Show Your Work, I’m using this page to keep a log of changes made to the structure, layout, or design of this site, along with my reasons for any changes I make. For now, this will remain a single scrolling page with updates listed in reverse chronological order.


Fri. 2016-02-19 @6:02 am ET
– added new #ShareHuman page to index series of blog posts related to my HighEdWeb NE keynote presentation.

Fri. 2016-02-12 @10:53 am ET
– removed link to Timeful app and added details about acquisition by Google.


2016 – JANUARY

Wed. 2016-01-20 @ 6:47 am ET
– updated my blog post Farewell 2015 to include a paragraph about David Letterman’s retirement. Can’t believe I forgot him the first time around 😦

Wed. 2016-01-13 @ 12:30 pm ET
– officially changed to Independent Publisher design theme



Tue. 2014-11-25 @ 7:00 am ET
– updated content and removed subpages from 100% Human page
– created new Human Resources page as new intro/index for resources content
– began outline for new content planning

Mon. 2014-11-24 @ 6:53 am ET
– added new Change Log page to site
– outlined goals for this page
– developed basic style guidelines for change log entries
– added “changelog” tag to site


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