HighEdWeb 2016 slides coming soon!

Slides from my talk at HighEdWeb in Memphis will be posted here as soon as possible. In the meantime, here’s more about where my talk got its start and my process for creating a presentation, which I originally shared as I was building the first version of this talk…

The Keynote Posts

I was fortunate enough to be invited to deliver the keynote presentation for the HighEdWeb New England regional conference in March 2016, and decided I wanted to speak on the topic of sharing. With that in mind, I thought I should lead by example and show my work, capturing some of the processes and tools I use in creating my presentation while sharing my thoughts along the way.

To make things easier to navigate, and for convenience, here is an index of all the related posts from this series in the order they were published:

Intro:  The Keynote Speaker (Jan. 22Part 1:  A Tote Bag of Ideas (Jan. 29)
Part 2:  Making Room for Ideas (Feb. 5Part 3:  Inspiration Takes Perspiration (Feb. 12Part 4:  Archaeology (Feb. 19)
Part 5:  The Panic (Feb. 26)
Part 6:  The Slide Deck Tango (March 4)
Part 7:  The People I Trust (March 11)
Part 8:  Time to Share (March 18)
Postscript: Thank You, HighEdWeb NE (March 25)




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