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Welcome to my ongoing exploration of how to be productive and get stuff done, but acknowledging all the strengths and weaknesses we have as humans along the way.

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I first started putting these ideas together for a talk I gave in 2014 that hundreds of people have seen and embraced. In that talk I outlined the importance of using a “Goals Before Tools” mindset to focus on defining what we need to accomplish and then assembling the tools and habits needed to get it done.

Along the way, I discovered that our goals shouldn’t only be about the stuff on our to-do lists, but can also be applied in a broader way to helping us live and work more authentically as humans:

My Five Goals for Being H.U.M.A.N. Every Day

Be Honest
Be Unafraid
Be Mindful
Be Active
Be Nice

And this website is where I’ll be exploring each of those goals in more detail, with lots of space to expand on ideas I’ve only scratched the surface of in my original talk.

You can use this index below to find blog entries related to each of the goals outlined above, and check out my HUMAN Resources page to discover new tools that can help you build better habits and get stuff done.

Of course, you can also sign up for my newsletter for free monthly updates from the blog and bonus material just for subscribers. It’s all very new and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

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