Additional tools that have improved my office workflow:

Flo monitor support arm
– lets me use one monitor for sitting or standing or sharing with clients.

WorkEZ Professional Laptop Stand
– I use this for a standing-desk keyboard platform.

Whitelines Notebooks
-the A4 squared wire notebook is my favorite for capturing meeting notes.

Small Notepads
-I keep a stack of these 5” x 8” perforated in my desk so I always have them around.

Field Notes
– my favorite pocket notebook. Always with me anywhere I go.

Cubic Timer
–  four pre-set timers (3, 10, 30, and 60 minutes) makes this perfect for setting a quick work sprint session or timing a break between productive tasks. Bonus: the 3 min. timer is perfect for knowing when your cup o’ ramen is ready to eat!

– for those days when the task of deciding what to have for lunch is just too much to handle 🙂

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