How Nice People Leave


We’re losing a valuable member of our team at the office today, and it sucks.

Well, it sucks for us anyway – not for her. She’s leaving to get married, returning to her home state with her new husband, and returning to the job she left when she came to work with us. That’s right–she’s so good at what she does that her old employer was happy to make room for her to return. In other words, she’s going to miss us too, but she’s not going to be hurting for career opportunities.

We’re all very happy for her, obviously. It’s exciting to see a talented person embark on a new chapter of their life, seizing an opportunity and going for it. And it’s not all that unusual, really. Staffing turnovers are just another part of the landscape even in higher ed marketing offices like ours. I can think of a dozen people who have left our team for one reason or another during the nearly five years I’ve been in my job. And we’ve had just as many new people join the team in that time, including the one who’s leaving today.

But her departure stands out to me because she is going out with the most awesome courtesy and professionalism anyone could have hoped for, going above and beyond anything I’ve seen before to be absolutely sure we know as much as possible about how she did her job and that we’ll have the tools and resources we need to help us continue the work she started.

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“Human at Work”

I was thrilled to give my first-ever professional conference presentation this past October as one of dozens of awesome higher ed web folks speaking at the 2014 HighEdWeb Annual Conference in Portland. I presented a confessional “case study of myself” titled Human at Work or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Get Better at My Job and I was honored to receive awards for both “Best in Track” and “Best of Conference” for my efforts.

I have created an entire page on this site dedicated to resources and links referenced in my talk, which will continue to be updated here:

Enjoy, and please pass it on!